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Midnight at the Blackbird Café

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Why do I set some of my books in Alabama?

Have you ever traveled to a place you’ve never been before, sensed the land’s energy, its history, its magic, and realized it felt strangely like…home?

I have. 

It happened the first time I visited Alabama in February 2007. I had flown from southern Ohio to participate in the Murder in the Magic City book conference in Birmingham and the corresponding event, Murder on the Menu, in Wetumpka. During the hour and a half drive from one city to the other, among the small towns, pastures and fields, old farmhouses and new neighborhoods, kudzu vines and Spanish moss, I bonded with Alabama. It’s a deep connection that I, to this day, cannot fully explain—and one that hasn’t waned over the years, or during my numerous trips since that first magical visit. I eventually decided that if I couldn’t physically live in Alabama, I could travel there as often as I wanted through my books. My Magic Potion mystery series (written as Heather Blake) is set in a fictional town in northern Alabama, and happily, I’m back in Alabama in my first women’s fiction magical realism novel, Midnight at the Blackbird Café. 

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Listen to the Midnight at the Blackbird Café playlist at Spotify.
The inspiration for Midnight at the Blackbird Café started
the Beatles' song "Blackbird."
Music played a big part in writing this book,
nd now you can listen to the songs that inspired Heather. 

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Heather also writes as Heather Blake.

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