The Nina Quinn Mysteries

A Hoe Lot of Trouble

"Heather Webber is at the top of her game, and instantly launched her way to the top of my 'must read' list. I can only hope she can write quickly enough to satisfy the hunger she has created. With its shocking ending and candid views, A HOE LOT OF TROUBLE is a surefire winner!" - Roundtable Reviews

"Ms. Webber has written a book which is a lot of fun and a good mystery, and has given us a protagonist who is plucky and believable, as she tries to solve the murders and her own personal problems as well, both marital and business. As an added bonus, we are told that each book in this new series will have gardening tips included. All one could ask for in a terrific new addition to the 'cozy' genre." - Mystery Morgue 

Trouble in Spades

“Nina's family is hysterically funny, the seniors in her neighborhood are adorable, and her employees are a quirky blend of characters. This is a very entertaining book that is a quick read that I most highly recommend to lovers of cozy mysteries.” –
“TROUBLE IN SPADES tumbles pell-mell along, taking the reader on an often humorous, sometimes laugh-out-loud, adventure. Nina and her family are utterly delightful, if sometimes outrageous, and there’s no lack of suspense as Nina tries to sort out all the puzzles that come her way." - Sally Powers, “I Love a Mystery Newsletter”
“Heather Webber has created a delightful cast of quirky, lovable characters. The Ceceri clan reminds me of Stephanie Plum's family in the Janet Evanovich novels. Very enjoyable. If you like Stephanie Plum, you will love Nina Quinn.”--Bethany Paye, Roundtable Reviews

Digging up Trouble

"Mystery, suspense, blackmail and strange goings-on will keep you reading to find out what happens next. A delightful tale set in a small town to please any reader. You'll be looking for other books by this talented author. Enjoy. I did." -New Mystery Reader

"Nina is charming and her co-stars realistic and funny." -Romantic Times

"I loved this mystery! It was a fun read with great characters. … I’m looking forward to more stories about Nina and her crew and will be hunting up the earlier ones ASAP." -Roundtable Reviews

"There's more laughter, mayhem, and danger, but I don't want to spoil it for you. DIGGING UP TROUBLE is one of those books you'll enjoy at the park or on the beach. So take it, read it, and thank me when you're done." -Fresh Fiction

Trouble in Bloom

"Trouble in Bloom is an enjoyable fast-paced murder romance novel in which Heather Webber’s Nina Quinn heroine is very reminiscent of Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum and just as lovable. I really enjoyed this breezy, humorous whodunit filled with lots of quirky but endearing characters!" - Huntress Book Reviews

"...this lighthearted mystery offers an engaging blend of humor, romance, a couple of interesting subplots and a good old-fashioned whodunit." -

"Trouble in Bloom is a fast-paced, witty mystery..." -

Weeding out Trouble

"A quick read, Weeding Out Trouble is a fun mystery that will have readers wishing for one of Nina’s surprise garden makeovers, only without the bodies." -The Mystery Reader

"WEEDING OUT TROUBLE, the fifth book in the NINA QUINN MYSTERY series, is a delightfully humorous amateur sleuth mystery that keeps you guessing right up to the very end.  Filled with an intriguing plot, witty dialogue, interesting characters and appealing secondary characters, Ms. Heather Webber has penned a winner.  This is the first book I have read by this author, but I look forward to reading more of her works.  I recommend WEEDING OUT TROUBLE to anyone who enjoys witty cozy mysteries." -Romance Junkies Reviews
"This is a highly enjoyable read, offering humor, suspense and romance all tied into a nice package. The author captures your attention on the first page. Ms. Webber writes with a flair that proves this book is a keeper."

Trouble under the Tree

"A quick read, Weeding Out Trouble is a fun mystery that will have readers wishing for one of Nina’s surprise garden makeovers, only without the bodies." -The Mystery Reader
"Trouble Under the Tree is a delightful page-turner with a witty amateur sleuth in Nina Quinn." -Surrounded by Books Reviews
"Sit back and enjoy the mad capped story." -Caryn St. Clair,

The Root of all Trouble

"This fast-paced and action-filled whodunit was both engaging and entertaining from beginning to end. Nina is a perfect heroine with her own vulnerabilities that has me rooting for her in all that she does. With a superb cast of eccentric characters and great dialogue, this is a must read for all Nina fans." -Dru's BookMusings
"The Root of All Trouble is a terrific afternoon read be it a rainy day or a sunny afternoon at the lake. If you are a lover of all mysteries cozy and ready for some giggles to book this is the book for you! I would fully recommend not only this book but other series by this author!" - A Stitch in Time 

The Lucy Valentine Novels

Truly, Madly

"Fun characters, sparkling prose, and a twisty plot add up to a great beginning for Valentine Inc.” --Publisher's Weekly  
 "Lucy is a charming and lovable enough character to guide the reader through Webber’s unbelievably zany but truly irresistible mix of clever romance and a wildly inventive mystery." --Booklist 
 "Truly, Madly is a divine combination of paranormal romance, suspense and a fun contemporary heartwarmer. With more than enough charm and a twisty-turny plot that's not too complicated to follow, yet keeps you guessing until the end, this novel is great fun. And the lovely Lucy is a delightful character!" --Romantic Times 4 1/2 Stars
"A fascinating tale of murder and romance blended with a bit of paranormal creates a delightful novel." --Fresh Fiction

"This story presents a delicious cast of characters, an intriguing mystery and a charming duo who are heading toward romance. Readers will be eager to follow the pair on their upcoming adventures." --BookPage

"...a delightful story filled with romance, mystery and a bit of the paranormal." --Affaire de Coeur

"If you like an intriguing suspense mixed with a little romance and humor, then put TRULY, MADLY at the top of your book buying list." -- Romance Reviews Today

"Heather Webber has created a winner with Truly, Madly, the first book in the Lucy Valentine series. I look forward to Deeply, Desperately and more of her books with humor and a paranormal touch." -- Reader to Reader

"...A keeper!... I fell in love with Lucy, her wacky family, her terrific friends and one hot PI in training." -- Night Owl Reviews, 5 stars, Reviewer Top Pick

Deeply, Desperately

"I loved this book. It's funny and zany. It's got romance and strong friendships. It's a comfort book. You know, the kind of book that when you read it, you're home and life is wonderful. I enjoyed this book so well that I just couldn't put it down. Now, that I'm finished, I want more!" --Terri, Night Owl Reviews, 5 stars, Reviewer Top Pick 
"LucyD is a charming breath of fresh air. Her story has layer upon layer of charm, sparkle, heart, swirling and intriguing twists, with plenty of fun and romance." - Connie, Once Upon a Romance 
"Heather Webber sure knows how to charm her readers. The Lucy Valentine novels are easy to fall into and a pleasure to read. Deeply, Desperately is a great second addition to the series and definitely leaves you wishing for more of Lucy’s adventures." - Bitten by Books

Absolutely, Positively

“Webber’s deft touch keeps all the balls in the air until the end. A satisfying, light-hearted read.” --Booklist  
“Seriously, what’s not to love about Lucy and this series? She has psychic abilities, is whimsical, smart, beautiful, and head-over-heels in love with the scrumptious PI, Sean Donahue. This series has the perfect mix of cozy mystery elements – it’s a fun read, stars a woman as an amateur sleuth, her significant other has his hands in law enforcement, it is light on the gore, it focuses on the characters and plot, and is filled with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing page after page.” --Lori’s Reading Corner  
“Sweet and endearing with enough suspense to keep the reader guessing until the last page.” --Fresh Fiction 
“Yay! Another Lucy Valentine book! The talented Webber has created a consistently delightful series. Her Valentine family is a fun and loving clan that readers will want to spend time with again and again. Absolutely, Positively is as consistently wonderful as its predecessors. As the mystery unfolds and the romance continues, one can only hope that there’s no end in sight for Webber’s entertaining Valentine family tales.”  --RT Book Reviews, 4 1/2 stars

Perfectly Matched

“WOW! With a lovable cast, entertaining dialogue and a very comfortable tone, this is the best one ever in this delightfully appealing series.” --Dru's Book Musings

 “Perfectly Matched is perfectly wonderful!” --Melissa's  Mochas, Mysteries, and More

Undeniably Yours

Coming soon!

The River of Dreams Historical Romance Trilogy

Surrender, My Love

"Creatively styled with romance, adventure, betrayal and evil, Ms. Webber has penned a remarkable tale, opening the door for sequels for each of Alex's sisters. So as the nights grow darker and the wind howls harder, make sure SURRENDER MY LOVE is the book of choice to curl up with under a big, fluffy warm comforter with a hot mug of spiced cider, and let the magic of Ms. Webber's words transport you back in time." Romance Reviews Today
"Ms. Webber has a marvelous skill as a storyteller as she makes this sweet romance one that your will cherish. The characters are finely drawn, and so likeable that you just want to hear more and more about them. They are fresh and lively with strong convictions, and a good sense of humor. A delightful read!" New and Used Books

"SURRENDER, MY LOVE is a magnet, pulling you in and consuming you with a powerful love story. I avidly look forward to reading more from the talented Heather Webber." Escape to Romance

Secrets of the Heart

"Ms. Webber has penned a charming yarn full of laughter, romance, evilness and redemption, and I look forward to Jack's story."  Romance Reviews Today
"With SECRETS OF THE HEART, author Heather S. Webber has created a truly pleasurable reading experience with a wealth of delightfully quirky characters." The Romance Reader's Connection
"Ms. Webber fills the pages with vivid descriptions, lively characters, and a heartwarming love story. I am anxiously awaiting this up and coming author's next tale." Escape To Romance

"The stage is set for interesting conflict and Heather Webber delivers. This sweet romance features lots of twists and turns to the plot and lots of lively dialogue." New and Used Books

Hearts are Wild

“Ms. Webber's warm and engaging style, attention to detail plus quirky and lovable heroines, make these books true treasures of historical romance. These sweet, tender love stories possess a timeless quality and have earned a place of honor on my keeper shelf.” Romance Readers Connection

“I have followed Heather Webber's series from the very first book and loved each one of them, so much that I didn't want to see it end. But, with each ending is a new beginning so I hope that means we will see more sensational stories from Ms. Webber!” Escape to Romance

Second Chances

I joke about having split personalities with my writing, since I now have two names, but I realized something the other day. Heather Webber (so strange writing my name like that!) is officially an "indie" author now, while Heather Blake is still a "traditional" author.

In terms of publishing, I’m split right down the middle. I'm what is now referred to as a "hybrid" author.

True, Heather Webber still has books in print with traditional publishers (some of my Nina Quinn series and the first three Lucy Valentines), but everything new HW has put out has been indie published.

Indie publishing, or self-publishing, has been an interesting journey for me. The main reason I jumped into the indie water was because A Hoe Lot of Trouble, the first book in the Nina Quinn series went out of print. I kept getting emails asking how people could find it, etc. I acquired my rights back and off I leapt into indie pubbing.

And it’s been wonderful. It’s opened up the possibilities of continuing series that were impossible to move to other publishing houses (this is akin to a TV show being canceled and trying to move to another network—next to impossible). I’m able to continue writing the Nina Quinn books and the Lucy Valentine series.

In my experience, the biggest downfall with self-publishing is definitely in the editing process. Despite how many pairs of eyes have looked at the manuscript, and how much I’ve paid a professional editor, mistakes are made. BUT, thankfully, I have wonderful eagle-eyed readers who point out those flaws so I can fix them. I truly appreciate that because no one wants the best possible product more than I do. Thankfully, all ebooks can be updated and you, as the consumer, can delete the original and re-download the newest version from your device's library (you do not have to repurchase it). Just check your (Kindle, Nook, etc) account to see if there’s an updated version available. Simple.

So, even though I’m split down the middle, I’ve been incredibly lucky to have readers who follow me wherever this road takes me. Honestly, can’t do it without all of you! Group hug.