About Me

Heather Webber, aka Heather Blake, is the author of more than twenty novels, including the popular best-selling romantic mystery series featuring Lucy Valentine, the humorous Nina Quinn landscaping mysteries, and the best-selling Darcy Merriweather Wishcraft mysteries and the brand-new Potion Shop mysteries. Heather loves to read, watch reality TV (especially cooking competition shows), drink too much coffee, crochet, bake (mostly cookies), and occasionally leave the house to travel to the beautiful mountains in the northeast. She grew up in a suburb of Boston, but currently lives in the Cincinnati area with her family.

50 Things You May Not Know About Me

1) As a child I used to catch lizards in Las Vegas flood ditches. For fun.

2) My first job was a papergirl for the Weymouth News (Massachusetts).

3) I’ve never traveled overseas.

4) I played flute and piccolo in my younger years.

5) When I lived in Massachusetts, I used to take swimming lessons in the waters of the frigid Atlantic Ocean. (The seaweed! The algae! The jellyfish! The barnacles! The trauma!)

6) I have trouble telling my left from my right. (My wedding ring helps in this endeavor.)

7) I love the Reader's Digest vocabulary quiz.

8) During a fitness contest I once jumped rope for ten minutes straight. (These days I can do about ten seconds.)

9) I have no idea how to use an iPod/iPhone/iPad.

10) Although I’m 5’2”, I was a setter on my high school volleyball team. (The fact that we weren’t very good should go without saying.)

11) I’ve never been issued a speeding ticket. (Pure luck.)

12) I volunteer at my local Humane Society.

13) The first Broadway show I ever saw was My Fair Lady. (I was 35 at the time.)

14) I hit the snooze button three times every morning before getting up.

15) My grandmother taught me math facts by playing blackjack for spare change.

16) For some subliminal (has to be) reason, I can watch Parent Trap (either version) over and over.

17) I took three years of honors Spanish in high school and can barely remember any of it. (See # 50.)

18) I’m the worst procrastinator ever. (For a prime example see #14.)

19) Was once told I had a bad attitude by a customer when I worked as a cashier for Woolworths as a teenager. (Moi?)

20) Over the past couple of years I’ve developed a fear of driving in snow and ice.

21) I can still remember the Toaster Cake jingle twenty years later.

22) I had a kidney stone while pregnant. (Insert Scar from Lion King saying, “Life’s not fair.”)

23) Once broke a toe getting out of an absurdly high-ledged bathtub.

24) I have a mild case of claustrophobia.

25) The first short story I wrote won second place in a contest, netting me $50.

26) That story also sold to a now defunct-mystery magazine. My earnings? $10. (Seeing it in print: Priceless.)

27) I don’t have a clue how to change a flat tire.

28) I hate waiting at the deli counter, so I now use the automated deli ordering machine. (One of the best inventions ever.)

29) As a child I had blue eyes and blonde hair. Now I have hazel eyes and brown hair.

30) I once dry-walled a room (mud and taped) by myself. Badly.

31) I prefer to use pump # 13 at my local gas station. Bizarro, I know.

32) My favorite item of clothing is a ratty gray fleece zippered sweatshirt that should have been put out of its misery a long time ago.

33) I once ruptured my eardrum while on vacation in Florida. (Ow.)

34) It took 36 years for me to see The Sound of Music.

35) My favorite season is spring.

36) After wearing glasses for over twenty years, I had Lasik done and highly recommend it.

37) I was a Girl Scout leader for five years.

38) I once got lost with my family in a cave in Mt. Charleston. (See #24).

39) I don’t drink alcohol.

40) Every spring I have nightmares about tornadoes. (Despite # 35.)

41) I still have all my wisdom teeth.

42) I once caused a small kitchen fire by leaving a pot of boiling water and oil (making spaghetti) unattended. Oops.

43) As a child, I bought a puppy for fifty cents (her name was Sootie).

44) I haven’t been able to eat lobster since dissecting a crawfish in 9th grade biology class.

45) My garage once jumped out and bit the passenger mirror off my car. (That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.)

46) I once stuck my arms in a sewer grate for hours to save a kitten from certain death.

47) I love the smell of summer rain.

48) I once started a fire in the fireplace without realizing the flue was stuck. Think smoke. Lots of smoke. (Oops.)

49) I can’t stand the sound of snapping fingers.

50) I have a really bad memory. (#21 not withstanding.)

Second Chances

I joke about having split personalities with my writing, since I now have two names, but I realized something the other day. Heather Webber (so strange writing my name like that!) is officially an "indie" author now, while Heather Blake is still a "traditional" author.

In terms of publishing, I’m split right down the middle. I'm what is now referred to as a "hybrid" author.

True, Heather Webber still has books in print with traditional publishers (some of my Nina Quinn series and the first three Lucy Valentines), but everything new HW has put out has been indie published.

Indie publishing, or self-publishing, has been an interesting journey for me. The main reason I jumped into the indie water was because A Hoe Lot of Trouble, the first book in the Nina Quinn series went out of print. I kept getting emails asking how people could find it, etc. I acquired my rights back and off I leapt into indie pubbing.

And it’s been wonderful. It’s opened up the possibilities of continuing series that were impossible to move to other publishing houses (this is akin to a TV show being canceled and trying to move to another network—next to impossible). I’m able to continue writing the Nina Quinn books and the Lucy Valentine series.

In my experience, the biggest downfall with self-publishing is definitely in the editing process. Despite how many pairs of eyes have looked at the manuscript, and how much I’ve paid a professional editor, mistakes are made. BUT, thankfully, I have wonderful eagle-eyed readers who point out those flaws so I can fix them. I truly appreciate that because no one wants the best possible product more than I do. Thankfully, all ebooks can be updated and you, as the consumer, can delete the original and re-download the newest version from your device's library (you do not have to repurchase it). Just check your (Kindle, Nook, etc) account to see if there’s an updated version available. Simple.

So, even though I’m split down the middle, I’ve been incredibly lucky to have readers who follow me wherever this road takes me. Honestly, can’t do it without all of you! Group hug.