I’m nosy. There, I said it.

It’s one of the many reasons I love writing series (instead of standalone books). I have to see what happens next—even to my own characters.

I’ve written four mystery series. In each, I’ve come to know my main characters like they were my best friends. Her quirks, flaws, likes, dislikes. I know the kind of man she wants in her life and the worst pain she’s ever endured. I know what will spur her to investigate a crime and what will make her run for the hills.

Which is why when a series is canceled, it just about breaks my heart. The characters are still there in my head, waiting for their stories to be told...but there is no market for the books.

Thankfully, now there is. With the explosion of e-books, I have been able to bring some of my series back from limbo. I've continued writing my Nina Quinn series with Trouble Under the Tree, the sixth book, and The Root of all Trouble, the seventh. The much-anticipated fourth book in my Lucy Valentine series, Perfectly Matched, is also now available.

I had a blast revisiting Lucy’s and Nina’s fictional worlds, and I can’t wait to go back. Look for more books to come from both of them.

In the meantime, I’m also writing as Heather Blake, and have three Wishcraft mysteries now available. I’ve also debuted another series this past fall. A Potion to Die For is the first in my Magic Potion series, and the next book One Potion in the Grave will be available in Nov. '14. For more information, check out my Heather Blake website.

If you’re looking for an every-so-often glimpse into my life, please check out my blog. Because the blog is updated regularly, you’ll also find information on my upcoming appearances.

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Second Chances

I joke about having split personalities with my writing, since I now have two names, but I realized something the other day. Heather Webber (so strange writing my name like that!) is officially an "indie" author now, while Heather Blake is still a "traditional" author.

In terms of publishing, I’m split right down the middle. I'm what is now referred to as a "hybrid" author.

True, Heather Webber still has books in print with traditional publishers (some of my Nina Quinn series and the first three Lucy Valentines), but everything new HW has put out has been indie published.

Indie publishing, or self-publishing, has been an interesting journey for me. The main reason I jumped into the indie water was because A Hoe Lot of Trouble, the first book in the Nina Quinn series went out of print. I kept getting emails asking how people could find it, etc. I acquired my rights back and off I leapt into indie pubbing.

And it’s been wonderful. It’s opened up the possibilities of continuing series that were impossible to move to other publishing houses (this is akin to a TV show being canceled and trying to move to another network—next to impossible). I’m able to continue writing the Nina Quinn books and the Lucy Valentine series.

In my experience, the biggest downfall with self-publishing is definitely in the editing process. Despite how many pairs of eyes have looked at the manuscript, and how much I’ve paid a professional editor, mistakes are made. BUT, thankfully, I have wonderful eagle-eyed readers who point out those flaws so I can fix them. I truly appreciate that because no one wants the best possible product more than I do. Thankfully, all ebooks can be updated and you, as the consumer, can delete the original and re-download the newest version from your device's library (you do not have to repurchase it). Just check your (Kindle, Nook, etc) account to see if there’s an updated version available. Simple.

So, even though I’m split down the middle, I’ve been incredibly lucky to have readers who follow me wherever this road takes me. Honestly, can’t do it without all of you! Group hug.